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by Michael Picher

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released December 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Michael Picher

I write all kinds of music...from orchestral, to jazz, to electronic/synth.

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Track Name: Make a House, the Way We Want
Both: We're gonna make this house, just the way we want.
Lenora: Giant party room, here I come!
Finola: Shooting games and horror movies, anyone?
Lenora: Add a bar. Mugs for beer and glasses for wine.
Finola: A table for my techs and the cable here, should be fine.
Lenora: Dubstep and metal, DJ turn it up!
Finola: Graffiti on the walls, can't get enough!
Lenora: Kick some dirt, add some crap.
Finola: A couch for gaming, and maybe a nap.
Lenora: Some puffy seats and buckets for hangovers.
Finola: A giant trash can for all the leftovers.

Finola: But wait, we have no internet!
Lenora: Wait, we have no friends!
Both: Not to worry, we're new here, but we need the perfect home.
Lenora: The way I desire.
Finola: The way I imagine.
Lenora: A toilet room so I can lay a brick.
Finola: A bright, blue light would be really slick.
Lenora: Glue some carpet to the wall!
Finola: Why not nail the door to the floor in the hall?

Both: Wait! There's just one thing that's missing.
Lenora: A kitchen, where my boyfriends can bake and boil.
Finola: A fridge, just so that our food won't spoil.
Lenora: A stove where my slaves can cook a lot.
Finola: A basket for all the random junk we got.
Lenora: Some beer so we can drink all day!
Finola: Those would be better off in the fridge, by the way.
Both: We are the best of friends, and we need a place to stay. This is the way - we work together, to make this house, just the way we want!
Track Name: Cursed Crates
My power grows with every spell.
Soon they will know my true power.
For nopony knows the true purpose of magic.
To simply lift things up? Ha! I think not!

There's so much more to magic,
they can only imagine.
The spell that I stole is one of a kind,
with it I have the magic,
the power to control them all!

These cursed crates will consume them,
transform them, grant them true magic!
This is how I test, this is how I work.
They will all be helpless,
my magic will control them all!

Nopony knows who I am,
where I came from, what I can do.
Fear not the cursed pony magic,
will show you in season two.

(Instrumental break)

Not all these crates will work,
some will surely fail,
but if I don't take a chance I will never win.
I used my slaves, but I'm far better on my own.
I'm not here to make friends, they would only slow me down.

I'm the only one who should know this spell,
the other one who tried didn't fare too well.
I'm not afraid, put my magic to the test!
If I only keep improving, I'll be able to achieve my destiny!

I already know a lot, but I can still learn so much more
Only with this magic can I find the one I'm looking for and open up the exit door!